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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Day 29 – 116km – 20.7 km/hr – Khao Lak to Kata Beach, Phuket. How I got to Crew at Kings Cup.

Finally got a great 'pull' by drafting this Mopad
or restaurant on wheels.
I’m not sure if I’m tired … bored, low on electrolytes, or just hot … but I felt terribly slow today. There was a big shoulder much of the way … with a fair amount of traffic. (Nothing worst than riding on 22x South of Calgary or HWY 8 to Bragg Creek.)

I’ve been trying to get mopads to ‘motor pace’ me a for much of the trip … however, for the most part they have no idea what I’m doing … and will either speed up or slow down … hardly acknowledging that I’m trying to ‘work’ with them.  I got a good ride today in this mopads draft! 

I arrived at the Kata Beach Hotel at 1pm … and met the other 11 crew at 3pm. We had some drinks and went for supper. The owner of Shatoosh, Peter Creamers, owns a construction company in Hong Kong.  He has a full time crew of 3 (all from the Phillippines.) 

Tim originally from New Zealand, lives in Hong Kong – he’s our Strategist.
Ollie from Auckland is our lead Bowsman. He makes sails for North Sails. (I will be working most of the week on the Bow.)
Nigel, originally from England is in the insurance business in Hong Kong. I’m staying at him 2nd home nearby.
Panda – from Australia – sails everyday.
James – from Essex – is in Property. He has sailed and raced all over the world.
X – from Dublin – a pilot.

I think what got me on the boat was a connection to Rob Tanner. Rob, originally from Charlottetown, owns a construction company in Hong Kong. He has sailed and raced all over the world … and has worked for and with Peter. 

Peter responded to my ad on the "Notice Board" of Phuket King's Cup Regatta:
"Been sailing all my life – mostly on < 19’ catamarans and dingies. Since turning 40 eight years ago, I have convinced Sun Sail that I am capable of renting and captaining 39-41’ monohulls in Carribean and Thailand!

I’ve done a few Ocean races on Canada’s East Coast (Grew up in Prince Edward Island.)

I’m taking a 90 day sabattical from selling homes in Calgary, Ablerta and will be cycling SE Asia prior and after Kings Cup.

I’m fit (5 time Ironman athlete) and still racing bicyles. 73 kilos.

Got a place for me?

Thank you for your consideration,

Peter replied that he thought he did have a place for me, and suggested that Rob was a ‘fellow country man’ of mine.

In any case – I’m on the 75’ performance cruiser, Shatoosh.

Feeling very happy and grateful for this experience!


Since learning about the Kings Cup race three years ago, I had it in my mind that I would like to race it.  I enquired to renting a boat for this years race, but I could not get one for less than 10 days … at a cost of > $15,000.

Funny Spectacle - not sure how to play this sport ... but there was
a bird in each cage. A huge crowd watching! I was looking for reasons to stop biking today
and enjoyed watching for a bit. I have no idea how this picture has so few people in it
as the grounds were FULL of people watching!


  1. Your dream came true!!! - beautiful boat!!!
    Enjoy, Bryon!!!

  2. Sailing with a crew in the ocean is on my to do list as well! This is exciting,