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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Harvest Half Marathon

Recently ran into Mark at Talisman Centre. He's a happy sort of fellow who I've seen there for years.  We finally got into a conversation. He's leading Mindfulness Mediation on Monday Mornings at 6am. I went this week ... as I've heard about the benefits of Mediation - and have been 'trying' it out for about a year now.

Committing to do Harvest Half Marathon at 6:20am today.
Ran the Harvest Half Marathon with friend Greg K today. I invited him to join me in Ghosting it last night.  When I woke this morning I texted him ... positively inviting him again ... Let's do it.  It was windy like heck ... and 0 degrees.

If he wasn't going - I wasn't going.
Frig ... he said Yes.
Ok - I'll do it too. It will be bette if he picks me up.

Cold start ... but such a beautiful course. Hilly.
I was surprised how controlled we were the first couple of kilometres. 4 min 40 seconds.  I didn't feel good & this was plenty fast. Relax. Enjoy.
We were ghosting this ... running/racing for ourselves. Really - just a training run.  Normally the first km of a race like this ... I would be shooting for about a 4:15 but would invariably run at 3:45 in the excitement. (Not good).

We ran shoulder to shoulder for the first 11km ... when I began to feel really good.  I turned to Greg, and claimed, "I'm going to lay it down."
I ran 3min 55" for the next 2 km ... then eventually settled into about a 4min 20" pace.

Finished in 1 hour 33 min ... running fast through the shoot so as not to have a volunteer wrap a finisher's medal around my neck. (I ghosted the course ... I tried to register yesterday - and pay to enter ... but it was full at 1000 participants. ... coming from the East Coast - I'm still not used to The West's high registration fees and selling out for these types of events!)

I've mediated 3 our 4 days in a row using the ap HeadSpace.
I finished the race just a bit in front of bib #12.
I've visited the website only about a half dozen times today ... looking to see how I ranked. Those bastards still haven't posted the results.

I'm practicing Mindfulness.
Pretty sure I still have work to do.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

I thought I was faster

Last night was my 3rd Wednesday night of Midweek Mayhem ... a fun cycle cross Wednesday night bike race series.  I signed up for the B group ... which many of my friends 'heckled' me for doing.  You see ... I am racing against brand new cyclist from 12 year old girls to old guys like me who have been riding and training for years ... but have not really figured out how to be fast.  (I doubt if there is anyone with as much training and racing experience as me in this B group!)
... well, that's a bit embarrassing.
When I started road bike racing in 2009, I kind of dreamed that I could get to the level of Category 3. It took 5 years ... and this year I got my Cat 2 upgrade.    (Racing in the "B" group with a Cat 2 license definitely feels like "Sand Bagging" as I sit here thinking and writing from an outside perspective!)
I was not particularly keen on riding or racing last night ... as I rushed home and changed into my cycling gear. I had that grumpy feeling ... I think it may come with middle age - unsettleness. Not sure.  However, these days, the hardest part of a workout tends to be getting my gear on - and getting out the door. Once I'm started ... I'm good.
I rode from home, stopping to preview a home for sale enroute to Deerfoot Park, NE.
I arrived at the start line with plenty of time ... and kind of bullied my way to an extremely good start position at the very front.
I wanted to give my best effort tonight - as I really do want to upgrade to the A group. Deep down, I want to belong there! (On Strava last week, after being heckled by my friends ... I declared that I was going to win the B Group this week.)
Right out of the shoot, about 8 guys were leading. I hung on ... and thought ... well my endurance is better ... and I'll catch them and pass them on lap 2.  Heart was pounding.  Towards the end of this very first lap, I lost my chain on a very steep hill. (The result of poor shifting & perhaps poor bike maintenance - my fault.) The group of 8-10 got a lead that I never did bridge ... and only lost more time in the next two laps.
I finished about 10th.
At the finish line, my son congratulated me on racing well ...  then added, "You let <name> Dad beat you. He just started racing."
Another friend & team mate with TCR, Kurt - reminded me that I cut some of the course. "I was on your wheel ... and then you cut some flags ... did you hear me? ... I yelled - I'm going to unfriend you on facebook!"
Oh well ... there's always next week.
Mid Week Mayhem - CX Race - My sons girlfriend beat me.