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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Day 26 – Myanmar Visa, Suit & Shirt Tailoring, Break Pads & tubes, Map of Myanmar

Arrived at Bangkok at  4:40am from Chiang Kong. I was close to getting on my bike and trying to find the Burma Embasssy – but was glad I opted for a taxi.  We found the Embassy about 5:30 … and then looked for a wi-fi Café.
Taxi left me at MacDonalds.
Myanmar Embassy - line up for a Visa at 7:30am.

The 2nd last requirement I needed for a Visa was a plane ticket showing I was departing the country. I looked at dates and times, and booked a flight departing Bangkok on Dec 12.
At 7:30am, I rode my bike the 3’ish Km to the Burma Embassy, and was about 30th in line.
The ride was exhilarating … traffic moves likes bee’s swarming. It’s very cool.

I was about 30th in line … just behind Neils. Neils was a dutch kid doing a Food and Hospitality Internship.  Neils held my spot when I went back to a lady in a van who was offering to photocopy passports for 5 baht. ( last reqirement I was missing to get the Visa.)

At 9am the door opened and we rushed to the cubicle. Paperwork was checked, and our number was provided. I was number 24. Wait some more.  At 10:30am my number came up – I paid my 1260 Baht and was told to come back at 3:30.

I met Peter and Orsula … crazy couple form Hungry – who said they would keep an eye on my bike.

I got in a taxi and went to James Fashion. I ordered 2 suites, 4 pants, 6 dress shirts, 1 casual shirt and 1 shorts. 
I opted to follow Peter and Ursula to find a book store near "Back Packers" Street -
Khaosan St. It was a fun ride. We were lost lots.

Then another taxi to a bike shop and back to the Embassy to wait in line for the 3:30 door opening!

Upon getting the Visa, Peter and Orsala invited to join them to find a book store where they were told we could get maps of Burma.
I was really happy to ride with them … they had navigation skills like me! (However, they were much more relaxed about it … and had some great laughs.)

Despite being the ‘best prepared’ (helmets and bright vests) cycle tourers I’ve run into … I was laughing at how they rode … and their lack of fear and complete disregard for ‘rules’.  My uptight Calgarian cycling friends could learn a few lessons from these two … anywhere …. But especially in Bangkok.

Peter and Orsula own a bar in Hungry on the famous Cycling Trail called “Eurpean Cycling Six”.  It a 2200Km + trail along the Denupe (I think staring in Germany.)
-       Must add that one to the list! I’m sure Shirley would enjoy this – no traffic ever apparently!
I loved my ride. Finding Khanosan Street was huge fun. We passed thorugh many cool markets … and just landing on this “Back Packers” Street was so much fun.

We found maps, I found a bus ticket South, ate some delicious Pad Thai on the street … and loaded a bus for Ranong at 6pm.

A Great day in Bangkok!

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