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Friday, 28 November 2014

Day 28 - November 28, 2014 – 200 km - Ranong to Khao Lak

Not my longest day in the saddle … but my 2nd longest day. (The longest and way hard day with MANY hills was on my birthday in Laos – Nov 22 - click here for a recount of that special epic day.)
Oh ... here's the video of my day of many flats on November 23. Laos is Spectacular!
Today was not a particularly interesting ride … so had fun listening to
-      - The Art of Learning
-       -Vegabonding
-     -  Kevin Rose … who stated digg

Enjoyed meeting Stefan from Cologne, Germany. At 45 he committed to taking a year off for a cycling tour when he turned 50. (He's 50 now.) He’s rode 4000 km in Europe and 2000 in Thailand since August. He flies to Australia soon, then New Zealand … to be home in August.

He provided me with a few suggestions on routes to Phuket that would be most interesting. (There aren’t many options … but there is a couple of smaller road choices.)

It was funny ... when he met me ... I was (as usual) in full cycling kit ... going hard and sweating up a storm.  As soon as he saw me he said, "Wow, it really is sport for you, hun?"

I have met about 15 cycle tourers to date ... and have yet to see one with bike shoes, jersey or even cycling shorts! (My standard kit ... except I wear one cycling shoe and one sneaker!)

Stefan from Cologne, German - on the bike since August.
I decided I would not look for a place to stay until I had ridden at least 200km.  At 190km there were options ... at 198km there were options. I was tempted ... but at same time I secretly hoped there would be no options at 200km and would have to ride more ... but there were a ton.
I checked into a place at 200.4 Km's!

It feels like it may be town after town for the next 115 km to Kata Beach Resort.

That's fine.
I've done over 2000km of riding since November 2. I'm ready for some sailing beginning tomorrow! :-)

Coffee and Snack - 50km into ride today.


  1. Finally got to read some of your blogs- snow storm here- not going anywhere. A little at home time is nice. Lots of pedaling ; )

  2. 32 degrees here today. I miss you!