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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Day 27 – Nov 27 -Bus from Bangkok to Chumphon – then bike to Ranong - Haircut - 120km - Bus from Bangkok to Chumphone – then bike to Ranong - 120km

Those fucking Thai's. Don't always beleive 'em. I was dropped here at
3am and told the connector bus would be here in 40min.
At 9:30am I started the ride from Chumphon to Ranong - 120km.
Had a bit of a disaster bus ride from Bangkok.  I paid for me and the bike … but arriving at the bus … the driver REALLY did not want to load my bike.
In the end, the bike was loaded … but I had a few unpleasant interactions with the jerk bus driver.

At 3am, he woke me up … screaming that this was my stop.
My bike and bags were already unloaded … I found a bench and was told the connector bus to Renong would be here in about 30 or 40 min.

Got a hair cut, and shave, and eye brow trim, and ears and nose!
At 7:30am I noticed the scewer bolt was gone for my rear wheel. (Pretty sure that the bus driver is fucking with me.)  Got it sorted it out with some help … and waited until 9. At this point my bus ticket has been looked at soo many times … that it is now missing.  They tell me there is another bus coming at 9:30 … but I will have to pay again. It’s 100 Baht …  about $3.30.  I’m fed up.

I get on my bike and ride.

Coming from Northern Laos … this is a rather boring ride.

I have 315 km to go in next two days … to be at Kata Beach Resort for “Crew Briefing” of Satosha on Saturday at 3pm.

I’ll do 200km tomorrow and 115 on Saturday by 1:30pm. Yes. I can do that.

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