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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

WNJ - Wednesday Night Jam

I look forward to the Wednesday Night Jam. I begin thinking about it on Tuesday ... I remember not to get up too early Wednesday morning. I restrain myself from going for a run. I think about what I'm going to eat ... how I can best fuel my body so I'm ready for the 6pm bell at the top of Edworthy.
Early today Bill Quinney said he could not make it tonight due to a school council meeting. (I was tempted to make a snide remark about working in education - but thought I'm not really that witty.) Teachers work so freaking hard - and are so under appreciated by many. I miss Bill. He's my age ... and we're about equally fast. (I'm refrain from saying slow - as I'm told 'mindset' is everything.)
Hanging on Rob's Wheel
About 5:20pm ... I felt really good. I quickly donned my kit, swapped out my wheels from my TT bike on to my road steed. Riding to the top of Edworthy from Marda Loop, I ran into Warren Muir... who made me scream Spruce Cliff Drive as I asked him questions about training (I pretended that I was going my normal pace). He will do Bikes on Broadway this weekend, so was doing his own solo preparation for that event.
Ryan Robinson rang the bell at 6pm & away we went.
Nervous energy ... people began to settle into where they fit in the group.
I found myself at the front ... which is not a good thing. The older I get, the longer it takes me to warm-up.
The pace was significantly slower than pass weeks at the normal - first separation on Springbank Road. It was still slow on the downhill and curvy curves. (Dang, those are fun.)
Ryan and I found ourselves with a big gap on the group descending the hill prior to the first hill on Airport Road. Well, I was feeling good ... I thought I could ride up that hill prior to the group ... and hang on at least to the Airport.
Wrong. I was left quickly. Everybody was gone except Ryan and I ... way off the back. I took a 2nd look ... thinking that at least the only girl Kailee Boyle in our group of about 20 or 25 would be back there somewhere. WRONG. I worked quite hard - thinking I would catch the group ... as they disappeared.
Soon Ryan circled back to Calgary. I had ambitious thoughts of riding solo to Cochrane - perhaps I would catch some straglers at 22X. (Nope - looks like everyone stayed together.?) However, these days I hate riding solo.
I settled into an aerobic pace in TT position ... and was just riding along enjoying myself when Robert Crane appeared from behind. I stuck his wheel ... and we had a super ride to 22X then back to Calgary.
It was fun.
Next week will be better. I'm going to get up that first hill in Springbank with the group.