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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

On Being Happy

Since beginning a 90 day “Sabbatical” 79 days ago – I've been reading, talking about, and contemplating Happiness … or at least a life worth Living.

I particularly enjoyed peaking into the lives and writings off Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, and the blog - Brain Pickings of Maria Popova. These are smart and successful people who have had the luxury to navel gaze and today they share willingly.

Being Happy is About Being Grateful and wishing the best for others.
This maybe the most important key in getting to Happy. I particularly like Tony Robbins suggestion and what he does as his “Daily Priming” activity. Tim Ferris did a great interview you with him on his new book Money: Master the Game.

Being Happy is About Giving your brain the space it needs – to remember to be happy.

Coincidentally, wife Shirley and I arrived in Disneyland yesterday, the happiest place on earth. An interesting place to be writing on happiness, after contemplating it for so long.

It's easy to be happy XC Skiing in Golden, BC with friends ... at the same time one must remember to be Grateful for the Experience and freaking remember to be happy!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Tough Conversations

Feeling grateful just now ... and a bit exhausted.
A friend, and past client, called and had heard about the RECA judgement against me.
He is a true professional ... and friend.

I realize that it is not easy for most people to pick up the phone and to call.
"Hey Bryon, I heard from x person ...
What the fuck?
I did not expect that of you?"

Somehow my intuition told me that I would be speaking with this friend.
I'm very grateful he called.

It's time for me to reach out ... tell my story to a few others.

I wasn't that surprised to see this story in Thursday's Herald.  Surrinder Randhawa has caused me so much grief.  Here's the Story ... where he threatens another lawyer with an axe.

Here's another Story from CBC. Surinder Randhawa punished again by law society

... do I ... try to write this story? My side.
... now ... or another time ... or never.?

I think I, and my family ... will be better off ... after I spend 90 minutes on the bike trainer. Time for a work out. I need exercise.

Perhaps I'll give the 'coles notes' version of my story another time.
But then I think ... "Don't Complain - Don't Explain".

I took a few short cuts. I ensured nobody was hurt. I'm sorry.
The penalty I received is extreme.

Another terrific Colleague sent me this on Oct 31. It helps to read it frequently. If by Rudyard Kipling