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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Snow Kiting - Wilcox Bowl

I've been interested in kite boarding for a few years. In September of 2015, I took a lesson in Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island ... with a fierce determination that I would learn. That day I kited 50 km ... and the passion began.

I have yet to water kite in Alberta. I never thought I would.  Kiting to me was just going to be something I do, while on vacation.  However, while my son Jacob was home from school in Victoria at Christmas,  we discovered snow kiting on Weed Lake, East of Calgary.

On Saturday, March 25/17 ... Patrice, Ian, Michael and Ryan and I traveled to Wilcox Pass in the Columbia Icefields near Jasper.

After a 3.5 hour drive, we ski toured up about 50 minutes before reaching the less steep entrance to Wilcox Pass.   (Feeling we were quite 'out there' it was a bit of a surprise to discover two Adirondack Chairs placed and steering out into the Valley.) Jasper National Park Red Chair Program

As we were about to Launch our kites at about noon ... the wind died.
It didn't matter ... it was amazing just to be in this location.

I struggled trying to launch my kite ... then rested taking in the sites for an hour or more.
Finally, at about 3:30pm ... the wind picked up and grew a bit more consistent.

We kited until 5:30, before packing up, and skiing down to the car ... we were all in bliss.

Bryon Howard & Michal Hrk Snow Kiting, Wilcox Pass with Mount Athabasca in back ground, Jasper National Park, Alberta. Pic by Ian Graham

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