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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Is cycling in the Dominican Republic Safe?

My brother and 4 sisters began planning my Mom's 80th Birthday party in Las Galeras, Dominican Republic over a year ago.  So I was coming and I like to ride my bicycle.
I asked a few people about cycling here.
I tried to do some google searches.

For the most part, I was strongly discouraged from bringing my bike.
I read and heard:
Dominicans are the worst drivers in the world. 
Cycling in Dominican Republic maybe safe in the higher Corderilla, but with any of the towns and cities on the coast, you would be taking your life in your hands on a bike.

The cycling here has been fantastic. The roads are good, the shoulder is sufficiently wide, and the Dominicans are good drivers.  There are cows, donkeys, horses, and many types of slow moving mopads and other motorized cars.

All my rides to date have been incredible .. if only picking the two favourite:
1. Las Galleras to Playa Rincon to Samana and back to Rincon. 90km
2. Cabarette - about 15 km south ... then turn inland to the Mountains. Ride up and along the ridge as far as you have time for ... then scream back to Cabarette.

Selling Fish in Cabarette

I got three flats - getting a patch was easy in Las Galeras, Dominican Republic.

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