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Friday, 12 February 2016

I was hit by a Mango!

I awoke from La Hacienda in Las Galeras and put on my running shoes ... and headed into the juggle and mountains. I spoke with a traveller the evening prior who had taken a horse riding excursion. He told me, "You may or may not find the whale observation deck ... it's that way."

I was cocky. Pretty sure I would find it. I followed my nose ... and only after one wrong turn ... I found myself running towards the top of a ridge thinking and seeing a structure.

I then thought ... okay ... how far could Playa Fronton really be?
I retraced my steps ... and looked for a natural path to the South. About 400m into the path I there was a Dominican walking ... "Playa Fonton?", I said.

Si, "Playa Fronton", he said with a smile.

A beautiful run ... shrouded in trees ... I occasionally hip hopped my way pass fallen magos being a bit careful not to squash them. However, I landed on one ... and it sprayed my leg. I had heard that these Magos were probably full of ants - and would not be good. I was sceptical.

I continued up ... and then down ... towards crashing waves.
I was pretty sure I found Playa Fronton.  This was confirmed by a group of German Tourist and their guide.
When I asked the guide if I was on Playa Fronton, he assure me I was.  Commando Beaunita?, he said.

He seemed a bit sceptical.

You see, I understand that this is a good place to get robbed.

I didn't stay long on the beach ... and turned back into the juggle where I came from.

11km into my run, I heard rustling in the tree that I was approaching. I looked up in time to see a falling magoe which landed on my shoulder.  I immediately thought ... okay ... these freaking magos must be good eating.
I reached below me and looked at two and choose one. Breaking the skin, I dug in.

It was delicious.

Grabbing another two ... and a third in my small pocket ... I excitedly thought ... this is heaven.
Imagine getting hit by a falling mango.

Life is good.

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