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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

WNJ - That means Wednesday Night Jam

Roll out at 6pm was relatively small this evening compared to past weeks.
No doubt because rain was in the forecast coupled with a wee bit of bad feelings after last weeks crash.
I'm not sure when I first heard about the Wednesday Night Jam ... but 2015 was my first year attending the occasional ride.
I've been road racing since 2009, and last year I even surprised myself by winning enuff ABA points to move up to Cat 1/2.  I haven't really raced there - I'm sort of scared of that level. I'm happy to take my masters downgrade to Cat 3.

Tonight ... I finished my first ever WNJ with the leaders. (It was a small group - and they were particularly kind and waited at 22X and at the top of Cochrane Hill.)
As normal Sean Bunin was beasting it ... and he's so nice & probably was leading the 'wait'.  It's not surprising he's from Saskatchewan is it? Those folks from Saskatchewan.

The wind was brutal ... and can you believe the leaders broke away from us on the downhill just after the bridge - prior to the first hill on Airport Road.  Jessie did a great deal of the work - taking our 2nd group to 22X.

At 22X someone reminded us of the 9 riders who were hit in Michigan last night - suggesting we take it easy to Cochrane. 4 seriously injured and 5 dead.

I guess we will all die.  I appreciate the thoughts of knowing about those riders who lose their lives last night. Thanks for bring it up ... perhaps it was Brett.?  I rode - with them in mind ... gritting my teeth in anguish -  and really enjoying what I was doing at the same time.

Totally awesome ride tonight. I'm basking in the glory of endorphins ... and beer.

See you next week at the WNJ.

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