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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Harvest Half Marathon

Recently ran into Mark at Talisman Centre. He's a happy sort of fellow who I've seen there for years.  We finally got into a conversation. He's leading Mindfulness Mediation on Monday Mornings at 6am. I went this week ... as I've heard about the benefits of Mediation - and have been 'trying' it out for about a year now.

Committing to do Harvest Half Marathon at 6:20am today.
Ran the Harvest Half Marathon with friend Greg K today. I invited him to join me in Ghosting it last night.  When I woke this morning I texted him ... positively inviting him again ... Let's do it.  It was windy like heck ... and 0 degrees.

If he wasn't going - I wasn't going.
Frig ... he said Yes.
Ok - I'll do it too. It will be bette if he picks me up.

Cold start ... but such a beautiful course. Hilly.
I was surprised how controlled we were the first couple of kilometres. 4 min 40 seconds.  I didn't feel good & this was plenty fast. Relax. Enjoy.
We were ghosting this ... running/racing for ourselves. Really - just a training run.  Normally the first km of a race like this ... I would be shooting for about a 4:15 but would invariably run at 3:45 in the excitement. (Not good).

We ran shoulder to shoulder for the first 11km ... when I began to feel really good.  I turned to Greg, and claimed, "I'm going to lay it down."
I ran 3min 55" for the next 2 km ... then eventually settled into about a 4min 20" pace.

Finished in 1 hour 33 min ... running fast through the shoot so as not to have a volunteer wrap a finisher's medal around my neck. (I ghosted the course ... I tried to register yesterday - and pay to enter ... but it was full at 1000 participants. ... coming from the East Coast - I'm still not used to The West's high registration fees and selling out for these types of events!)

I've mediated 3 our 4 days in a row using the ap HeadSpace.
I finished the race just a bit in front of bib #12.
I've visited the website only about a half dozen times today ... looking to see how I ranked. Those bastards still haven't posted the results.

I'm practicing Mindfulness.
Pretty sure I still have work to do.

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