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Friday, 25 September 2015

3rd Quarter Adventure

I just realized, the older I get, the more I think in quarters.  Not so much for planning ... but how the last quarter went. Did I hit my business targets? Did I get sufficient exercise? Did I have have sufficient adventure/fun? Is my life progressing in the direction I want it to go in? Am I moving towards a designed life or am I just living day to day reacting to the circumstances around me?

A friend and colleague at work, Tim Banfield, is constantly adventuring. He frequently invites me to climb, mtn bike, ski tour, and scramble.  I finally said yes ... and we picked Tuesday 22 September to do something.

On Monday we decided to do a Multi Pitch climb at the Ghost area (Don Getty Wildland).  While I have ridden my road bike a little bit in this area ... I really had no idea where we were going.

Getting there is Tim's Grand Cherokee was almost enough adventure. A short hike from the drainage and we were at the base of our choosen route - Heidies with Hilties - a 5.10b route established in 2000 by two women by the name of Heidi!  The last time I did a 5.10b was at Smith Rock in Oregon in 1991 with my brother ... and it was a single pitch.

Tim led the 4 pitches and I followed.  At one point I thanked Tim for keeping the rope tight ... and he replied that he was giving me a 'girl friend belay'.  With a taunt rope, I was able to successfully do the entire climb without falling.

Tim assured me that at no time were we ever in danger, and I acknowledge that. However, at the same time - my body was completely exhausted as we reached the top at the final 4th pitch.  At he base of the climb, we had a snack before going on a short hike to find the Secret Cabin.

Completely at peace, I lied on the bunk ... so thankful to be in this amazing location.

In retrospect, the highlight of the day was not the adrenalin pumping climb up the steep wall ... but the relaxation of hanging out in this wee cabin in complete peace!
At the same time, I needed the climb to enjoy the peace of the cabin.  I guess it is the ying and yang or pendulum  of life - you cannot have happiness without sadness, you cannot have success without failure.

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