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Monday, 8 December 2014

Chatuchat Market - Values & Why We do What We do - Home in 4 hours

Getting fitted -
2 New Suits, 8 Shirts, & 1 Shorts.
Bangkok – Tipei to Vancouver. In 4 hours I’ll be home in 

Had 24 hours in Bangkok after an amazing 7 days off Yatch racing in Phuket. Got my 2 new suits fitted & did some shopping for the family.

Enjoyed Chatuchak market. Here's a Link to a video of my stroll through animal section of the market. 

Thinking quite a lot about values & how they determine who we are. Just over 2 years ago I discovered a chart of values, and was asked to order those values in my own priority. (I forget where I got this list of values.)

I posted my list in order of priority in "Notes" on my iPhone. Without effort, I would occasionally happen along this list.  I probably seen the list about 6 times since developing it on Nov 23, 2013 (It’s date stamped by my freaking smart iphone!)

Since doing this, I found it very helpful in understanding why I am - what I am & why I do what I do.  (It helps with the pain!)

My list is below. I encourage you to do the exercise yourself. If you wish - it would be fun to discuss how our lists are similar and different. Lets go for a coffee. Bring it up. I will forget. The list is on my phone … so easy to access at a moments notice.

FYI … as I think about sharing this list – I think the instructions were ‘not to spend too much time thinking about it. Just do what comes to ‘top of mind’.  Pretty sure that it was how I did it on Nov 23, 2013 … and I have not made any changes to the list since.

Values Most important to me:
Fish at Chatuchak Market
1 health
2 adventure
3 freedom
4 love
5 success
6 intimacy
7 comfort
8 passion
9 security
10 power

Value I would do the most to avoid having to feel;
1 depression
2 guilt
3 loneliness
4 anger
5 frustration
6 humiliation
7 failure
8 rejection

I feel that this ‘forced’ 90 day sabbatical combined ‘mid-life crisis’ is a bit of a defining moment in my life. Perhaps a gift.?
Perhaps a bit like being in jail.?
I suppose time may tell.

I’m happy that instead of buying a red sports car, I got Yellow Panniers for my bike.  (Besides, I plan to live until 116 years … so I’m not REALLY allowed to have a mid life crisis until I’m 58. Perhaps I’ll get the red sports car then. (However, planning it to be  a 40’-55’ Catamaran to be moored at Granville Island, Vancouver.)

The above value exercise is interesting to me.
I doubt much if my values have changed much since before Dad died. (They were formed by the time I was 14 years old – I think.)

Although as I reconsider the above comment, and look at “Rejection” being the Value that I would do the LEAST to avoid having to feel … I doubt if that was the case in my teens and throughout my 20’s. 
Realizing the world is a pretty harsh place and “you get what you negotiate … I don’t mind getting rejected these days”.

Note to Younger People (and Older too):
Do this exercise … and post it as a ‘note’ on your phone … and monitor it every few years as a check in.  I think it would be a bit like having an annual school photo – but waay better!

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